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works on paper

The mind line works come out of deep felt inner impulses, beyond and before dream. When these works manifest, they do so quickly and without hesitation, as if it knows what it wants to be. Often a group of works in this series links to a waking life event that hasn't yet happened. When it happens, the work that has been completed takes on a deeper meaning.

The Light that is Always There is a series of work that is made of multiple horizontal drawings that connect to each other to form a single long work. Each drawing is made without intentionally thinking about how it connects to the others. The synchronicity of shapes weaving throughout the overall piece is the mystery of this work.

dissolve is a series of works on paper created over the course of five years. With an interest in entrophy and transformation, this series comes out of the ongoing practice of collecting rusty objects and the interaction of those objects through drawing and the two-dimensional plane. Capturing a moment in time and the chaos of ink sprayed through rust, the image emerges. Along with commercial ink a special walnut ink is used in many of the pieces.

These large scale works are a part of the dissolve series. Some of which were exhibited at Re-purposed, at the Emily Amy gallery in Atlanta, GA.

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