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three lamas oil on canvas, 33" x 40", 2024

points of light oil on canvas, 40" x 34", 2023

interior of the heart  40" x 34" (in the collection of Robert Kelly and Charlotte Mandell)

fever dream oil on canvas, 48" x 34", 2019

salt horizon oil on canvas, 34" x 48", 2019

 heart's life, triptych, 3 panels each 20" x 16" (in the collection of Carine Elen)

These works develop over a long period of time. This series was finished during 2011. For me, oil painting is a meditative process.... one cannot rush an oil painting. These works came to me as an insight of the heart as a vital organ and  the heart as a feeling center. 

pierced through 24" x 20"

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