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Sherry Williams

Lives and works in Rosendale and is an artist working in various media, including works on paper, painting, sculpture, and video. Her work explores the relationship between subtle energies of the Mind as it relates to the unconscious, synchronicity, and intuition. She has lived and worked in Boston and New York City, and has collaborateed with various artists. One of her long term collaborators is George Quasha with whom she has worked on books, video, and gallery exhibitions.



phone: 845-339-7886


2012Dear Mother Nature, five panel hanging piece inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, curated exhibition by Linda Weintraub at The Dorskey Museum, New Paltz, NY

2008 -  Re-purposed, large scale works on paper, Emily Amy Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2008 -  Erotica, video created for exhibition in Tivoli, NY

2009Talking in Tongues and Other Organs, two videos, Kleinert Gallery Woodstock, NY 



2016 - The Doris, literary online magazine, published panels from always, now, beyond series

2014 - Answer the Light, published in Metambesen. Ink drawings by Sherry Williams, poems by Robert Kelly


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