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recent work

Interior Traverse series has thirty-three ink on watercolor paper works. These came from two weeks of intense dreams of floating through structured spaces. There are three different sizes in the series; 9" x 12", 11" x 15", and 12" x 16". They are composed of specifically blended colors.

The Light that is Always There is a series of work that is made of multiple horizontal drawings that connect to each other to form a single long work. Each drawing is made without intentionally thinking about how it connects to the others. The synchronicity of shapes weaving throughout the overall piece is the mystery of this work.

The beyond red series was started with forceful energy that seemed to be uncontrollable....these works began three days before a fire that destroyed the house of a close friend.

always now beyond and always now are part of a series that explores layers of consciousness. These works start with a graphite drawing on the paper or board, which embodies the dream world. This layer is delicate, precise, and detailed. The black final layer of paint conveys the energy of waking life. This final layer is completed in a single act.

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