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Recent work selected ink drawings based on dreams, book forthcoming. 9" x 12" on paper, series not yet titled 2023

Nicobar pigeon.jpg


I sit in the back seat of a car, George is driving along a quite country road. Chie is in the front seat with him. The mood is relaxed, happy....easy. We arrive at a place where a lot of people are gathering. I don’t know why. We find ourselves at dusk in an outdoor encampment. A lot of people surround us and the feeling of the gathering continues to be a good one....

Slowly without noticing, all the other people around us vanish and fade away....George, Chie, and I stand in an open, empty field, then we walk to sit by a fire which warms us as the light fades.

Chie looks down and we all see round, ornate birds....mostly green, but with other colors. They are flamboyant in their plumes and humble in their being. We all sit mesmerized...then they start to glow. They seem to be bioluminescent, and in my mind comes the words, Nicobar Pigeon. We watch as they strut around with their plumage of blue, green and hightes of red. They seem to be dancing, happy, enjoying our company.

This goes on for a very long time as the dusk grows and night begins to fall.

Then, Chie reaches down, picks up one of the birds saying, “they are white in the light of the window.” She holds it up to a frame that seems to be a floating window in space and, sure enough, the multi-colored bird is white in the light of the window that flows through magically. The bird seems happy and a little amazed... all is well as she puts the bird down. We look on with amazement. Chie says, “that’s normal” and we all look at each other and laugh.

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